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Training for the performance of official duties by an Administrator at Reception


  • Pavel Korsakov April 3, 15:45, 2020Leonid Andreevich, good afternoon!
    I want to say a huge thank you for the program that you gave us, especially "Wasteland".
    Now I work in a hotel, and what we have been going through now helps me a lot.
     You have so well transferred the algorithms of working with OPERA, where booking, communication with the staff (on the carpet to the management and between managers - we use a similar one), calculation of the room plan and just the program itself... You are a huge fellow! I can't even imagine how and by what forces you did it.
    This is the best manual I've ever seen.
    With best wishes,
    Korsakov Pavel is the 3rd year of the Faculty of S
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  1. The Computer Information System (CIS) of Motel Management is a model of industrial relations of management of hotel enterprises and is an ONLINE simulator for use in distance learning. The simulator is available to users both from desktop personal computers and smartphones via the link  http://www.родигин.рф/index.html
  2. The purpose of the training in the CIS is to develop and consolidate working skills in three positions of hotel staff: Legal Adviser, Administrator and Sales Manager. The purpose of the training either fully corresponds to the objectives of the studied disciplines of tourism management of the State Educational Standard (SES), or complements them.
  3. To achieve the goal of the training, a range of production tasks is defined for the solution of which points are awarded to the participant. The goal is considered achieved if you compose your own RESUME ([Resume] button) for each position held. To do this, you need to score at least 55 points in the position of Legal Adviser, at least 300 points in the positions of Administrator and Sales Manager.
  4. Don't forget to save your resume and answer the QUESTIONNAIRE questions!
  5. In the training, all the data is real in form, fictional in content. Therefore, there is a temptation not to strain yourself by inventing data corresponding to the actual ones. Understand that all data is generated on the server and is open for viewing. This means that whatever you enter is controlled by the trainer. You will enter nonsense, the data will be deleted along with the points.
  6. The data in the training is not edited, but can only be deleted by any participant. Remember that when you delete data, you also delete points.
  7. During the school day, you can solve an unlimited number of tasks, but the amount of points scored is limited to 30. Thus, the minimum training time is 10 days. Nevertheless, meeting the requests of students, it is possible to extend the work shift indefinitely. If you want to get points for processing more, click the [Give time off] button.
  8. The minimum time is less than the average, if you look at the performance indicators. At the same time, one should be aware that no one has managed to complete ALL the tasks and score 300 points in one night before the exam (test or report on educational practice). So - there will be no admission to the exam!
  9. Access to the training is provided for a limited number of days, a maximum of 30. To extend the contract on the page http://www.родигин.рф/ онтракты.aspx click in the column [Contract extension] button [Application] next to your last name. There is no need to wait for an answer, there will be time - I will extend it. And I check contracts every day.


  1. Turn on your imagination
  2. Open it  »— ”правлени€ ћотелем -> [Reception] and, if you haven't played yet, click the [NO] button to select positions - Legal Adviser, Administrator, Sales Manager of the motel and register in the game. Start with a Legal Adviser to study the regulations that apply in our motel.
  3. I'm the General Manager of the MOTEL for you. Therefore, you write me a job application - you specify the real surname, First name and Patronymic, you invent the rest of the information. It is recommended to simplify the procedure by replacing 0 in the corresponding fields with 1.
  4. If the reception took place - you have the job description of the Legal Adviser in front of you. Follow the 1st hint "... run to the meeting" - press the button [On the Carpet to the Manual]. To find out what needs to be done today, click [On Duty Today]. Select yourself, a loved one, from the drop-down list, and click the hyperlink of the Rating item corresponding to the hint.
  5. Open the page with the training TASKS. Although you can perform tasks in any sequence - start from the first and continue in order. ALL tasks are performed via [Reception]
  6. Read and understand the task. Without closing the task page, go back to the Reception page and click [TODAY]. Select yourself from the list of people on duty and in the job description, BE sure to press the buttons corresponding to the pop-up PROMPTS. Don't use the CHECKBOX to cancel the tooltips! Hints are mandatory requirements of the Manual. Only after fulfilling the requirements and learning to obey, you will be awarded points for completed tasks to lead your own team of subordinates.
  7. When you get the required number of points (55) for qualification, make a resume of the Legal Adviser. After the position of legal adviser, start working as an Administrator. In our motel, people with secondary special education are accepted for the position of Administrator, and Managers with higher education. Therefore, it is correct to continue the game as an Administrator.
  8. Our motel has three floors. On the first floor - Reception desk and Parking Attendants, Electricians, Plumbers, on the second and third - guest rooms and floor Attendants and Maids. The workplaces are equipped with computers with a distributed information management system of the motel. The first task of the Administrator is to recruit a team of subordinates. Since the command is virtual, you will have to press the buttons in the computers of subordinates for them. And since the information system is client-server architecture, it is not necessary to run around the floors and press buttons - everything can be done on the Administrator's computer. But in order for the management process to look real, ALL operations ALWAYS begin at Reception in the form of responses to requests from the information system using the appropriate buttons of the Job Description.
  9. In addition to the [On the Carpet to the Manual] button, it is recommended to use the main menu option HR Department -> Administrators (or Managers) -> Rating -> [On duty today] to monitor the correctness of tasks.
  10. The main menu line reflects the functional management scheme of the motel and is intended only for viewing information on the areas of responsibility of Reception, Sales Department, Supply Department, Chief Engineer Department, Human Resources Department, Accounting Department, Legal Counsel and the Directorate controlling the performance of the duties of Legal Counsel, Administrator and Sales Manager of the motel.
  11. How to play - watch our video on YouTube:
  12. Keep track of the rating constantly by viewing the information in the [HR Department]
    • [Legal Advisers] [Rating] [On duty today]
    • [Administrators] [Rating] [On duty today]
    • [Managers] [Rating] [On duty today]

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