Production situations

Corporate Motel Management Information System [Rodigin-Pustoshka-RF] - Business Game

If you want to work in our motel or forgot the number and/or password (?!) of your contract, find yourself in the list of employees
  HR Department
You can familiarize yourself with the distribution of responsibilities and choose a position in
  Management Structure of the Motel
As part of your job responsibilities, take measures to resolve industrial situations - choose a position:
Legal Adviser ~ check completed tasks
Complete the tasks in order:
  1. Getting started
  2. We register contracts
  3. Coordinating orders
  4. Checking the instructions
  5. Updating legislative acts
  6. Making A Resume Of The Motel's Legal Adviser


Administrator ~ check completed tasks
Complete the tasks in order:
  1. ~We begin to form a team
  2. Booking rooms for current emergency repairs
  3. Booking rooms for the current scheduled renovation
  4. Booking rooms for guests
  5. We book rooms at the request of organizations
  6. We register maintenance requests
  7. We work with the claims of guests on accommodation
  8. We issue invoices for the damage caused
  9. We issue invoices for additional services
  10. We work with complaints of guests about the staff
  11. We work with inadequate guests
  12. Full house at the Motel
  13. Bonus: making money
  14. Optimizing the Reception structure
    Making A Resume Of The Motel Administrator


Logistician ~ check completed tasks
Complete the tasks in order:
A. We plan tours:
1. Turkey
2. Italy
3. Scandinavia - we start with Finland
4. Czech Republic
5. Thailand
6. Switzerland
B. We plan flights in the Amadeus system and book seats on 20 routes


Manager ~ check completed tasks
Complete the tasks in order:
  1. We begin analytical work
  2. Congratulations to the guests
  3. Analyzing competitors
  4. Updating the price lists
  5. Booking online
  6. Calculating the promo package
  7. We provide discounts
  8. Making a sales plan
  9. We survey the guests
  10. We analyze the offers of the guests
  11. We sell tours and air tickets
  12. Analyzing the advertising campaign
  13. We conduct a SWOT Analysis
  14. Making a Resume of a Sales Manager


Accountant ~ check completed tasks

Perform tasks in order - accounting policy in terms of:
  1. analytical accounting
  2. accounting of labor and wages
  3. accounting of proceeds from the sale
  4. of property security
  5. accounting of the cost
  6. of property accounting